Mar 6, 2024
Shopee celebrates Malaysia’s golden age of culture with local fashion sellers

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, March 6, 2024 Shopee debuted its #ShopeeRaiLokal Raya Stail Kita fashion showcase on Shopee Live, to inspire Malaysians nationwide to dress well and buy local. Themed ‘Tarakucha Retro’, Shopee collaborated with long-term sellers, celebrities, and influencers to style Malaysians for three 2024 trends this Raya season: kek lapis, burnt orange, and nostalgia with a twist. 

“This fashion show is a love letter to the golden days of P. Ramlee and Saloma,” said Shopee Head of Marketing, Kenneth Soh. “By design, fashion and beauty on Shopee are deliberately wholesome and inclusive for all Malaysians who need to balik kampung, pay respects to their elders, and attend Raya celebrations all over the country with dignity. With Raya Stail Kita, Malaysians can now dress with style and support their local sellers.”

A departure from run-of-the-mill fashion shows, Shopee’s runway took a unique approach by slowing down the models’ catwalks to teach audiences nationwide how different garments could be styled from a variety of brands for each look, coordinating with their whole families.

In a show of community spirit, ten prominent Muslim fashion sellers on Shopee, including Asikin Ahmad, Liyana Collection, Adnaa, Indah Pesona, Hernes, Inhanna, Zoe Arissa, Panda Eyes, Bayu Somerset, and Mikaseries by Zoey Rahman, united their efforts. Additionally, Habib Jewels also joined the collaborative effort, generously sponsoring outfits and accessories to complete the ensemble.

Sponsoring brands lending their generosity to the event included beauty and skincare names such as Y.O.U, Simply Siti, Silky Girl, Wardah, Papa Feel, Mikaseries, lemooc, Emina, Dazzle Me, Barren Bliss, Alha Alfa, and AISASEA.

Body-positive model Hikma Al Hassan took center stage in Shopee's inclusive and budget-friendly looks, carefully curated to reflect Malaysian trends in online Baju Raya shopping. Starting with the first ensemble, themed "Kek Lapis," Shopee encouraged Malaysians to explore unconventional layering techniques, blending colors, prints, and textures. Following this, inspired by Intan Najuwa's recent wedding, Shopee then showcased various ways to incorporate “Burnt Orange” into this season's wardrobe, catering to individuals of diverse skin tones. The finale, "Nostalgia Balik Kampung," celebrated a vibrant fusion of traditional and retro styles that resonate with every Malaysian.

Kiffy Razak, Managing Editor of NONA, Hijabista, and Mingguan Wanita, offered valuable styling advice on how Malaysians can embrace current trends and elevate their looks: “Incorporating a dash of kek lapis color blocking, lively yet chic orange or nostalgia in one’s ensemble while integrating a bit of glam and a classic touch to perfect the look will provide an excellent nod to Raya trends this year. More importantly, it’s about interpreting and styling it in a way that reflects your best and true self as well as respecting values and cherished traditions you hold dear in celebration of Eid.”

Shopee is dedicated to providing a diverse and inclusive array of fashion options for the whole family. Fashion Designer Dato’ Jovian Mandagie, who also has his own Shopee Celebrity Squad store, echoes this sentiment with his expert take: “Aidilfitri is a celebration of love and victory over Ramadan, whether you're at a kampung house or a city ballroom. Dress comfortably with modesty in mind. Avoid overdressing that will lead you looking like a Christmas Tree. When choosing baju Raya, prioritize comfort, and only follow trends if they suit your personality.”

Fellow Shopee Celebrity Squad member, Zoey Rahman, a Malaysian Actor and Founder of Mikaseries, also gave his take on how to do Raya 2024: “I prefer classic Baju Melayu featuring a cekak musang collar and concealed buttons. I will style with instant sampin that can be ready within 2 minutes to complete the look. I like this outfit idea because it is classic suitable for Raya morning.”

The Raya Stail Kita study, conducted among Malaysian shoppers on the platform, revealed that over 9 in 10 respondents are motivated to shop by creating coordinated looks for their entire family this Raya season. Additionally, 5 in 10 are enthusiastic about embracing the kek lapis Raya trend, while four in ten opt for retro outfits, and the remaining focus on searching for items in burnt orange. This fashion show marks the third installment in #ShopeeRaiLokal, an ongoing series showcasing local sellers who help foster communities.

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