Guarding Against Scams

Guarding Against Scams

Our stance on scams

Security is a top priority at Sea Limited. We are committed to fostering a safe and secure environment for all our users.
We strongly condemn any fraudulent and deceptive activities aimed at exploiting the name and reputation of Sea Limited or any of our businesses.

Be wary of scammers impersonating as Sea Limited or any of our employees

Before opening or responding to any email from someone claiming to represent Sea Limited or any of our employees, verify that it comes from an official source such as an email domain ending with If you have any doubts, contact us at before assuming the communication is genuine.

Reporting suspicious activity

Reporting suspicious activity is crucial to preventing scams and helps to ensure the safety of others.
We strongly urge the public to report any suspicious communications, apps or websites to
Your timely reporting helps us to take action and contributes to ongoing efforts to keep our users safe.
We also encourage the public to file a report with local law enforcement and/or other relevant authorities that are responsible for combating scams.

Common types of scams to watch out for

If you encounter any suspicious activity, please report it to us at

Job scams

Job scams may involve exploiting Sea Limited’s identity to falsely notify individuals of potential job offerings. We strongly advise against engaging with messages that contain suspicious links promising unverified job opportunities with Sea Limited.
For an official listing of available job opportunities, we encourage candidates to visit our career portal at

Investment scams

Investment scams involve fraudulent investment opportunities that entice individuals with promises of financial returns. Scammers typically employ time limits and investment quotas to instill a sense of urgency and deceive unsuspecting victims.
Sea Limited does not engage in such solicitation practices. Such investment opportunities should be treated with skepticism.

Survey/research scams

Survey/research scams involve the creation of fake surveys or research studies to illicitly gather personal information from unsuspecting individuals. These fraudulent surveys often mimic genuine public opinion polls or consumer research studies.
While Sea Limited regularly conducts research and sends out surveys to gather feedback on our products and services, we will never ask participants to disclose any sensitive personal information, including financial details or passwords.

How to stay vigilant against scams

Scammers have become increasingly sophisticated in their attempts to acquire your personal and financial information. The first step to protecting yourself is being able to recognize scams when you encounter one.
Here are some steps you can take to safeguard yourself from fraudsters:

Verify the web or email address

A misspelled website URL is a common sign of a fake website. Ensure that the website URL or email address is legitimate and matches official domains.

Check for spelling and grammatical errors

Fraudulent websites and emails often contain spelling and grammatical errors as they are hastily created to deceive users.

Avoid engaging with any links, pop-up windows or emails that appear suspicious or unfamiliar

Cybercriminals often impersonate reputable companies through links, pop-up windows or emails that direct users to phishing websites. Exercise caution whenever you interact with any of these from suspicious sources.

Safeguard your sensitive personal information

Official communications from reputable organisations will not request for sensitive personal details such as full name, address, account passwords, and credit card details without first going through an authentication and/or verification process.